2017 CNY's  Crypto - ParaCoNs 

The  Biggest Crypto-Paracons in the NorthEast

Update.... due to the uncooperative support in Old Forge NY,  we are canceling the Old Forge Bigfoot event set for Aug 13th..

I have tried to get places set up and the people will not return emails, calls, ect.. so unfortunately this will have to be canceled

I am truly sorry ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  Rusty

This is a great time for the whole Family , enjoy meeting some of the most well known people in the Paranormal Field and even get messages from Past relatives from Our  Well known Psychic Mediums. Our lists  include Ghost  Hunters, BIGFOOT Investigators, UFO Investigators, vendors and many more....

Northern Sasquatch Researchers Norm & Rusty, The SquatchDetective Steve Kulls and Author of Living Among Sasquatch, The Primer Dave Gibson